Thursday, 5 October 2017

Welcome Back

Welcome back!  We are very excited to begin a new year in the Library. 
All classes are scheduled for a library book exchange time.  Students come to the Library once a week and are able sign out 2 books and can keep the books for 2 weeks.  After that,  you will receive an email reminder.  This is an automatic response and if there is an error, please feel free to contact me.  Kindergarten students may take out one book each week.  Studies show that even in the intermediate grades; structured, supported time reading each night is essential to ensure success in school.  So cuddle up and read, read, read!
Bookfest is up and running,  students are signing out books to take home.  Bookfest members are required to read 6 of the 8 books that are on the list this year.  We will have our first meeting next Monday. 
I am always in need of parent volunteers to help shelve books.  If you have any time (waiting for your child before the bell rings at the end of the day, for example....) 😼 Please feel free to pop into the Library to do a quick tidy or shelve a few books!📚


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Please return lost books!

Any books that have not been returned to the Library have been marked 'lost' and fines are due.  Please note that if a book has been previously marked 'lost' it will not have shown up on the recent reminders (which was just for overdues), but will be shown on this letter. 
A receipt will be issued on payment.   If the lost book is found, please return to the library and a refund will be issued. I understand that despite our efforts, some books will have been returned and not been checked into the computer.  If you believe this to be the case, you are encouraged to come and double check the shelves.  If you are unable to pay fines due to financial restrictions, please come and talk to me.  I will also take a ‘like-new’ book as a replacement.   
Ms. Neufeld    (604-465-9331)

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Time to Start Returning your Books!


Yay for Art

As Jason Craft has inspired us by his mural, I thought it would be nice to have a chance to do some art ourselves!   We are going to open the Library up to students at lunch times you to come and do Art.  Mrs. Murden is excited to come and work with on some lessons with you!  We are trying to link books with the we are in the Library.  You will be able to work on their project throughout the week and we will do a new project each week.  This will be open to Primaries and Intermediates but there will be a limit to the number of kids in the Library at one time.  Stay tuned for more information!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Candy-grams! Candy-grams! Candy-grams!

Order forms for candy-grams are coming out on Feb 1.  This year,  Valentine's Day falls on a day that we are not in school.  However,  most classes will be celebrating Valentine's day on Feb 15.        Candy-grams will be delivered on this day!
The cost is $2 and you can order a chocolate candygram, a bag of cinnamon and small chocolate hearts or sugar-free candy.
This fundraiser supports the Library and programs such as bookfest, our Club Red Contests and of course, new books and materials.

The 'Club Red' Bookmark Contest is back....

We will be starting Club RED with a bookmark contest.  This contest will be open to both Primary students and Intermediate students, with a winner chosen from each.  Come to the Library and pick up a bookmark template!  Bookmarks are due back to the Library by Friday, February 17.
Stay tuned for a new contest coming in the last 1/2 of the month


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Bookfest Tomorrow!

Bookfest Event:
We are headed to bookfest at the ACT theater and Greg Moore Youth center tomorrow am. Students are to check in with their classroom teachers and then meet in the Library to head down to the event.
We have enough drivers for those who have signed up to come, however a number of students have not returned their forms and we will not have enough drivers if they all come.  So please email me at if your child is planning to come and is going to bring in their form tomorrow.
Ms. Neufeld